Our vision for the future of surgery

Ceevra is helping usher in a new age of digital surgery, one in which 3D imaging becomes standard of care for many types of robotic and laparoscopic surgeries. And not just preoperatively, but also intraoperatively.

What lies ahead (and underneath)

Among other product advances, our team of machine learning and computer vision software engineers is developing technology to overlay our 3D models on the live endoscopic view of the patient’s anatomy, enabling robotic surgeons to virtually see beneath the operating field. We’re making surgical augmented reality a reality. 

Our Team

Russ Yoshinaka

Chief Executive Officer

BA, Univ. of Washington
JD, Univ. of Washington

Ken Koster

Chief Technology Officer

BS, Stanford
MS, Stanford

Joseph Shirk, MD

Chief Medical Officer

BS, Univ. of Wisconsin
MD, Medical College of Wisconsin
Residency & Fellowship, UCLA

Hanna Winter

Vice President of Engineering

BS, Stanford
MS, Stanford

Alex Gilman

Senior ML/CV Software Engineer

BS, Caltech
PhD, Stanford

Connor Normand

Lead ML/CV Software Engineer

BS, Stanford

Leore Bensabath

ML/CV Software Engineer

BS, CentraleSupélec
MS, Stanford

Andrew Nam

ML/CV Software Engineer

BS, UC Berkeley

Scott Haymond

Imaging Technologist


Andy Ylitalo

ML/CV Software Engineer

BS, Stanford
PhD, Caltech

Tiffany Ma

ML/CV Software Engineer

BS, Carnegie Mellon
MS, Carnegie Mellon

Nikhil Kalluri

Quality Engineer


Emily Lepert

Full Stack Software Engineer

BS, Olin College of Engineering
MS, University of Waterloo

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