Ceevra for Thoracic Surgery

Ceevra 3D models are ideal for thoracic resections, including lung, mediastinal and chest wall lesions.

Ceevra in context: Thoracic Surgery

Thoracic surgeon Dr. Bernard Park details a sublobar resection aided by Ceevra

Sublobar Resection

For sublobar resections, we’ve developed novel, patented technology to help surgeons understand the segments involved and achieve the desired margins.

Lung 3D models down to the segmental level

Our software analyzes the patient’s pulmonary anatomy in the CT scan. It then delineates, displays and labels each individual lung segment as part of the 3D model.

Customized View

Surgeons can selectively show/​hide anatomical structures – including segments, veins and arteries – to clearly visualize the location of nodules relative to segmental boundaries.

The Ceevra models show you extremely well where your margin’s going to be most at risk.”

Bernard J. Park, MD, FACSFCCP

Thoracic Surgeon
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Supported thoracic SURGERY case types include:

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