Proven Clinical and Economic Benefits

Ceevra 3D models provide benefits at multiple levels – including surgeons, patients and hospitals.

Surgeon Benefits

  • Better understanding of 
patient anatomy

  • Optimized and more confident operative plan

  • Enhanced patient counseling

Patient Benefits

  • Improved surgical outcomes
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  • Improved understanding of diagnosis and proposed surgical approach

  • Greater confidence, reduced anxiety

Hospital Benefits

  • Improved patient care and experience

  • Reduced risk

  • Reduced costs from shorter OR time and patient LOS
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  • Increased revenue from new patients attracted by leading-edge technology

I recently consulted a patient who had interviewed four other surgeons for her kidney mass. She and her family members loved the Ceevra 3D model, and I’m sure that was a factor in her choosing me as her surgeon.”

Michael McDonald, MD

Urologic Surgeon
AdventHealth Celebration

Delivering Strong ROI to Hospitals

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