Ceevra for gynecological surgery

Not just for oncology cases, Ceevra 3D models are helping gynecology surgeons tackle their most challenging cases such as complex fibroids and endometriosis.

Ceevra in context: Gynecological Surgery

Dr. Erica Stockwell from AdventHealth Celebration Hospital discusses her use of Ceevra 3D imaging for myomectomy procedures.

Create a roadmap

Ceevra 3D models create a visual roadmap for fibroid removal, informing surgeons on where to make incisions and in what order to remove the fibroids.

ā€œWith the fibroid mapping that Iā€™m able to do using the Ceevra 3D models, I routinely find myself making fewer incisions and removing more fibroids than I otherwise would when relying just on MRIs.ā€

Erica Stockwell, MD, DOFACOG

Gynecologic Surgeon

Supported gynecology case types include:

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