Implementation is simple and easy

Recognizing the busy schedules of surgeons and hospital IT staff, we make it easy to acquire, implement, and use Ceevra.

Easy to acquire

Ceevra is purchased as an annual software subscription. Pricing is based on customer-estimated number of 3D models during subscription period.
Subscriptions can be tailored to meet customer needs and budget, including participating surgeons, surgery types, and estimated number of 3D models.

Simple workflow

  1. Hospital IT staff installs Ceevra software on end-user computers; connects software to hospital PACS
    That’s it for hospital IT – nothing more required from IT to deploy or support Ceevra
  2. Surgeon’s assistant uploads patient CT/MRI to Ceevra’s HIPAA-compliant cloud
    Fast and easy – typically 5 minutes start to finish
  3. Ceevra generates 3D model within two business days
    3D models are made using our AI-driven software and in-house imaging technologists
  4. Surgeon views 3D model on computer or phone
    3D models accessible anytime, anywhere – computers, phones, tablets, and MIS displays

We understand what surgeons want to see, and how they want to see it

The anatomical structures we include in our 3D models are tailored for each specific surgery type. 

Surgeons can selectively show/​hide each anatomical structure for clear understanding of critical structures and relationships.

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Ceevra Headquarters:
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