Ceevra for General and HPB Surgery

Ceevra 3D models are used in a broad range of General Surgery and HBP procedures, including colorectal, liver, and abdominal cancer.

Features to handle complex, varied anatomy

Helping surgeons understand relationships between anatomical structures – including potential invasion – is a key benefit of Ceevra 3D models for General Surgery and HBP operations. We use transparencies, wireframes, and show/​hide tools to elevate the surgeon’s understanding of each patient.

To me, practicing safe surgery includes knowing potential difficulties you might encounter. Oftentimes, though, problems are not known until they occur during the operation. 3D imaging can give us insights into these difficult situations before the operation and prevent errors from ever happening.”

Jay A. Redan, MDFACS

Chief of Surgery AdventHealth-Celebration
CME Workgroup Lead, American College of Surgeons

Supported general and HPB surgery case types include:

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