Optimizing telehealth 
consultations with 
Ceevra 3D models

Patient consultations have forever changed. With telehealth here to stay, it’s vital for surgeons to effectively communicate with the patient regarding their disease. Nothing does this better than Ceevra 3D models.

Surgeons can display Ceevra models on Zoom and many other telehealth platforms, showing patients their detailed anatomy in an easy-to-understand format.

Attract and retain new patients by demonstrating commitment to innovative, personalized cancer care.

“Having helped create the telehealth industry, served on the board of the National Cancer Institute, represented the US at the World Health Organization, and advised the White House and Congress for 30 years, I am confident that Ceevra 3D models are ideal for telehealth patient consultations.”

Richard Boxer, MD, FACS

Finalist for Surgeon General (1997 & 2001)

Chief Medical Officer, Teladoc (2006 – 2013)

I recently did a telehealth consultation with a patient who had interviewed four other surgeons about her kidney mass. I used a Ceevra model during our video call, and both she and her family members loved it. At the end she said, ‘Alright, let’s go ahead and schedule the surgery.’

Michael McDonald, MD

Urologic Oncology Surgeon

AdventHealth Celebration

Dr. James Porter

“The Ceevra models are extremely helpful for telehealth calls with my patients. In real time I can rotate the models, zoom in and out, and show and hide structures to educate on specific topics such as vasculature and tumor depth. This gives my patients an understanding that I can’t provide with a standard CT or MRI, and they very much appreciate the additional information.”

James Porter, MD, FACS

Director of Robotic Surgery

Providence Health & Services

Dr. Jennifer Linehan

“There are lots of benefits to telehealth, but some cancer patients feel anxious about not seeing their doctor in person for these difficult conversations. Ceevra 3D models really help bridge the gap between in-person and video. They’re a great way to explain complex anatomy and issues in a way patients can understand, and they help create the bond that might otherwise be missing.”

Jennifer Linehan, MD

Associate Professor of Urology

John Wayne Cancer Institute

COVID-19 has led to broadscale adoption of telehealth virtually overnight. Learn more about the history of telehealth for surgical consultations, and how Ceevra is dramatically improving them for surgeons and their cancer patients.