Cloud-based, mobile software application for preoperative
surgical planning. FDA-cleared.

Ideal for many complex operations

• Urology (nephrectomy; PCNL; pyeloplasty)
• Liver (hepatectomy; ablation)
• Thoracic (lobectomy; wedge resection)
• Transplant (kidney, liver, lung, heart)
• Orthopedic (complex fractures; tumor resection)
• ENT (endoscopic sinus; septoplasty; tympanoplasty;
skull base tumor resection)
• Surgical Oncology (soft tissue and abdominal tumor resection)
• Plastic (tumor)
• Cardiac (aneurysm repair; tumor resection)
• Vascular (bypass, aneurysm repair)

Surgical planning anytime, anywhere

Our software platform converts a patient’s existing CT or MR image into a detailed, digital 3D model. Each 3D model is conveniently and portably viewed from the surgeon’s own mobile device, and may be rotated and enlarged using the touchscreen.
Key anatomical parts for the surgery type are rendered, each with a unique color and texture. Extraneous structures and noise is eliminated.
For tumor cases, the organ is rendered translucent to enable a better understanding of the size, shape and location of the mass and its proximity to vessels and other anatomical structures of interest.

Data-assisted surgical planning

For each operation planned using Ceevra, a case profile is generated that includes key data such as patient characteristics, surgical approach, and outcomes. This next-generation surgical log helps surgeons plan for future operations by matching and comparing similar operations recorded in Ceevra.

Mobile Virtual Reality

Surgeons may view 3D models in Virtual Reality for an even closer view of the patient’s anatomy and a more realistic experience of depth, angle, and structure proximity.
Ceevra works with compatible mobile VR headsets, minimizing equipment requirements and maximizing portability.

Well-designed, user-friendly desktop application

Our simple, intuitive desktop application enables surgeons and their support staff to easily create new cases, upload DICOM studies, view all upcoming and prior cases, and update cases with post-op information.

Meeting stringent FDA requirements

The Ceevra software platform, provided to customers on a SaaS basis, includes a software-only medical device called Reveal. Reveal has received FDA 510(k) clearance, registration number K173274.

Prioritizing information security

From inception, we have architected our product and
infrastructure with information security as a top priority.
•  HIPAA compliant
• Customer-provided BAAs signed
• HITRUST CSF adopted