Ceevra in action

James Porter, MD

Director of Robotic Surgery
Providence Health Care System

Watch Dr. Porter as he uses a Ceevra Model to help plan and perform a live robotic partial nephrectomy during the 2019 North American Robotic Urology Symposium.

Ketan Badani, MD

Vice-Chair of Urology
Mount Sinai Health System

In this case, Dr. Badani’s use of the Ceevra Model helped him decide to approach the case as a partial nephrectomy instead of the originally planned radical nephrectomy, successfully sparing the patient’s kidney. The full case study can be found here.

Dr. Jennifer Linehan

Assoc. Prof. of Urologic Oncology
John Wayne Cancer Institute

In this case, Dr. Linehan’s use of the Ceevra Model afforded a better understanding of the tumor location and relationship to surrounding cysts, resulting in a preoperative plan that reduced nephron loss and shortened operative time.